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Revolutionising school swimming lessons, one stroke at a time.


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Discover Swim:ED's innovative approach to school swimming - a programme designed around your school, reducing lost learning time and improving swimming proficiency. Our pop-up pool is installed and managed on your school site, offering high-quality, convenient swimming lessons in a secure environment

We recognise your schools’ challenges in providing successful swimming provision.


Lost learning time



Quality of teaching

Staffing pressures

Pool closures and availability

Restricted pool time


The urgency of this issue is underscored by recent statistics - a 2021 Sport England study disclosed that one in four children could not swim 25 meters upon leaving primary school. Without timely intervention, this figure could escalate to 60% of children departing school being unable to swim by 2025.


Transforming your school's swimming education 
Choosing Swim:ED for your primary school swimming provision brings numerous benefits, all designed to empower your school and create a thriving, successful swimming programme. 
Enhanced learning time 
By eradicating travel to off-site swimming facilities, Swim:ED increases valuable learning time for your pupils. 
Reduced logistical hassles 
No need to arrange and manage off-site swimming provision or transport logistics, significantly reducing your headaches. 
Data-driven insights 
Comprehensive pupil assessments gives you meaningful insights into each child's progress and achievement against national curriculum expectations for swimming and water safety. 
Safety first 
With our stringent health and safety protocols, schools can be confident that children are taught in a safe and secure swimming environment. 
Quality and inclusive education 
With Swim:ED's highly qualified team, all children, regardless of background or financial means, can learn an essential life skill. 
A turnkey solution that, for most schools, is more cost-effective than traditional off-site swimming lessons. 

Swim:ED is making a splash!

Swimming progress and attainment have improved at an incredible rate during the 6 weeks that the pop-up pool was on site. Our pupils have all developed their resilience and perseverance as well as their swimming skills for life.

We can't praise the Swim:ED team enough! The whole process was so positive. From the planning to the actual swimming, everything was so professionally done. As a result, the number of children that can swim 25m has more than doubled what it has ever been in my 13 years at the school

The progress made by the children and the confidence they had in the water was more than we could have hoped for. All of the children loved the sessions and the small group numbers meant that lessons were individualised. The sessions ran smoothly with no disruption to the rest of the school.

Revolutionising primary school swimming education 

Swim:ED brings a fresh, innovative approach to primary school swimming. Here's what sets us apart: 

End-to-end solution 
A complete swimming solution on your school playground. From providing a heated pop-up pool to qualified swimming instructors and a tailored swim curriculum. 
Stringent health and safety protocols and supervision by our trained team ensure a safe and secure swimming environment. 
On-site swimming lessons are delivered in a pop-up pool housed in a lockable, high-quality marquee fixed securely to your playground. 
Comprehensive data 
A unique platform that tracks pupil progress and creates reports based on outcomes and improvements in pupils' swimming abilities and water safety. 
Swimming should be a right, not a privilege. We strive to eliminate barriers with a high-quality swimming education programme accessible to every child.  
Quality instruction 
Swim:ED team members are fully qualified and deliver a tailored curriculum that meets national curriculum expectations for swimming and water safety. 



How does your school swimming measure up?

Where to start with improving your school's swimming provision? We've got just the tool for you. With the help of our friends at Swim England, we've developed the Primary School Swimming Review, designed to give you insights into your current swimming programme and help identify areas of improvement. You'll receive a FREE personalised report in four minutes or less showing how your school can improve swimming proficiency and water safety by answering a few simple questions.