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Where fun and adventure come together.

You know that your children need to get that recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity during the summer holidays, but ensuring they do can be a challenge.

Summer Games

This summer, we're igniting the Olympic and Paralympic spirit with our Summer Games, designed to get children actively involved in a variety of sports. From the thrill of the long jump and relays to the strategy of goalball and boccia, there’s a rich palette of activities. They’ll also have the chance to participate in mini football tournaments, drawing inspiration from the Euros. It’s a fantastic way for them to dive into teamwork, learn about sportsmanship, make new friends, and stay energised during the holidays.

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Splash Battle

Looking for a way to keep cool and have fun? Our Splash Battle is packed with water-themed excitement. With activities like water fights and “cross the river” challenges, children are encouraged to work together, think creatively, and enjoy themselves in a refreshing way. It’s much more than just staying cool; it’s about building bonds and creating joyful summer memories.


Please bring spare clothing, as it is an essential element to the activity. 

Inflatables and Nerf Showdown

Nothing says fun like inflatable castles and a friendly Nerf battle. This part of our camp offers non-stop excitement, with plenty of opportunities for jumping, sliding, and playing. Moreover, it's a brilliant setting for children to engage in teamwork, strategize together, and get a taste of friendly competition in a supportive environment.

Our camps are all about making sports accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for every child, regardless of their previous experience or background. We aim to ensure every child leaves our camp with a smile, new friendships, and a sense of accomplishment.

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Take part in the ultimate skills challenge with our Summer Skillathon

Test your skills in various activities throughout your time at Active Camps. Challenges will include splash battles, inflatable fun, football, dodgeball and taking part in our tournament day.


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